VERITAS stand for Voluntary Education and Relief Initiative for Tanzanian Society is a volunteer-run grass roots community and animal rights organization based in Kasulu, Western Tanganyika. We strongly recognize the links between the oppression of animals and other social justice and environmental causes. We aim to build coalitions with other organizations that promote social justice and sustainability, to create a better world.

Our Vision

To become a Tanzanian tower in promoting, collaborating, advocating and conducting research to improve ecosystem welfare.

Our Mission

Improving ecosystem welfare through collaborative approach.

What We Do

Vegan & animal right Advocacy, Human-animal coexistence, Agriculture & Nutrition and Economic Empowerment

Vegan & Animal Right Advocacy

It is absolutely clear that we do not need animal products to eat a healthy diet.

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Human - Animal Coexistence

This program area is largely informed by the various forms of reported...

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Agriculture & Nutrition

VERITAS works with communities towards enabling sustainable agriculture...

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Economic Empowerment

Economic empowerment is a key cornerstone of our approach to providing...

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Our Team

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Nuhu Jacob

Executive Director

Mary Samwel

Program Operations Manager

Baraka Mbise

Conservation Coordinator