Actually most of people in our culture are concerned with protein intake especially from animal products, and in most cases the consumption of animal products among people is regarded as prestige. Community farmers are often exchanging plant based protein produce with animal products aiming at protein intake. Our efforts as VERITAS have been on creating more awareness on consuming plant based protein food, with an emphasis that they are healthically secure than animal products

The achievements of the VERITAS Vegan Tanzania’s campaigns are as follows:

Formulation of 25 Host Community Vegan Clubs (250 Vegan Actists): These clubs have been established to promote plant-based eating within the wider community. The clubs will work together to reach out to people in churches, mosques, and other gatherings to educate them on the benefits of plant-based diets.

Support from Ward Executive Officers (WEOs) and Village Executive Officers (VEOs): The WEOs and VEOs have been included in the important training sessions conducted by Veritas