Villages along Lake Tanganyika on the north shore are among poorest areas in the poor region; they are entry points of refugees from Burundi and from DR Congo across the lake. Its environment is highly depleted due to over utilization of the forests for domestic use by both refugees and local people. Concerned villages are Kagunga – bordering Burundi, Zanshe next from the border, Kiziba, Bugamba and Mwamgongo bordering respectively.

VERITAS surpasses the target. The 29 nurseries raised 1,423,282 out of targeted 1,500,000 seedlings (95%) in a year from June 2018 to June 2019. That percentage has been achieved within the first half of the year. Out of 1,423,282 (100%) raoised seedlings, 1,359,361 (95%) were transplanted from the nurseries to local growers.