VERITAS is continuing in improving the welfare of companion pets (dogs and cats) around Kasulu Tanzania through a partnership with “Animal Kind International-AKI” through “TRAP-NEUTER-VACCINATE-RETURN APPROACH”, this is the only humane and sustainable solution to protect thousands of stray dogs and cats in Tanzania as whole, as stray dogs and cats is among of companion animal welfare issue in Tanzania, whereby higher number of these stray dogs and cats are commonly found roaming in the street randomly. The method which is used to control this population is Killing as means of controlling the overpopulation of stray companion animals, th method is usually not taking to account the welfare of dogs and cats at all, but is the only method which is practised frequently. Stray dogs and cats often live very hard and short lives, suffering from a lack of food, shelter, untreated illness, injuries, and sometimes deliberate abuse and of course, not only the welfare of these stray dogs and cats is compromised, but because they have been abandoned or born on the streets there are issues for humans too, Because they may lead to health risk to humans through the transmission of zoonotic diseases like;- (Rabies and Toxoplasmosis) or the contamination of the environment (through urine and faeces), and they may cause a public nuisance e.g. fighting and scavenging for food and also traffic accidents sometimes.

VERITAS team is super proud of the support from ANIMAL KIND INTERNATIONAL-AKI for supporting this work which have impacted so many dogs and cats out here not only these companions (dogs and cats) but also the community health as whole through Rabies vaccination to all Dogs and cats During this ongoing TNVR program which give our community assuarance of safety from Rabies since dogs and cats are vaccinated.

Many thanks to our partners Animal-Kind International