VERITAS is working hard on transitioning the community from industrial animal agriculture operations to raising crops for human consumption. By creating models of alternative economic opportunities, building solidarity with other movements, and shifting societal narratives to change culture through the following approaches.

Why Transformation?

Neither caged-free nor improving farmed fish welfare but the only way to help and save animals from suffering is TO GO VEGAN.

So far, VERITAS has trained over 3,000 livestock farmers in Kigoma region and among of them 255 (8.5%) livestock farmers have already transitioned to plant-based agriculture as means of income and foods. From the current two surveys conducted by VERITAS in the regions of Arusha, Manyara, Shinyanga and Tabora, the results showed that, about 48.4% of farmers engaging in animal farming were ready to transform to plant-based agriculture, though they lacked access to plant-based agriculture trainings. By considering the need of farmers, VERITAS would like to capacitate the livestock farmers through education, sensitization awareness, stakeholders’ engagement, practical part by farming, and market initiatives in four regions where livestock keeping is high. Project target a total of 20,000 livestock farmers