VERITAS is working tirelessly to make veganism an easily-adopted and widely-recognised approach to reducing animal suffering and environmental damage. We do so through peaceful and factual dialogue with individuals, organisations and businesses. The vision of VERITAS Vegan Campaign is to create a world where animals live free of human exploitation. The best way to help animals and to create this world is to promote veganism, and so the aim of VERITAS Vegan campaign was to move towards a world where:1. People accept the ethical basis of veganism. 2. People understand that vegan diets are healthful and nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits.3. Veganism is considered as being normal, appealing and acceptable.4. Eating and living vegan is easy and there are no real or perceived barriers to becoming veganThrough the support form The Pollination Project Foundation Voiceless: the animal protection institute , the campaign was reached in-schools, host community kitchen gardens, local government officials and corporate businesses about what veganism is, the benefits of veganism, its ethical basis and why it is a minimum standard of decency.